regular non-directed meetings

non-directed meeting
non-directed meeting

If the whole entity is a collaborative network, then the regular non-directed gathering is a concentration of the whole network. This is not the nucleus of the cell, but perhaps something like the vacuole. It is a greater intensity of social capital, and the interest generated is at a deeper human level. Although a lot of “work” is done in the entity, the work that is conducted in this gathering is no less important because it works at a deeper level. Warm relationships are fostered, connections are reinforced, people get to know one another beyond strict “work” boundaries. It is about being comfortable, knowing, community.

These have been capably facilitated by Lloyd with his Tuttle club meetings. There is no direction for the group. It has no function in terms of movement of the whole body. It is not like a company (depicted here by hierarchical mountains), or the executive at the top of these hierarchies who are responsible for making a company move in set directions, or even to “evolve”.

New members can find themselves here on the first time they visit. Indeed, they may be invited to participate in them, or they can self-select to come to one. Because of it’s nature, on any given gathering, there may be a wide range of players, from long-term players who are on an annual cycle, to graduates who have just turned up on that day. What matters is that it is regular.

  1. Make sense. I’m barely getting by with wife, two boys, and a dog. I operate a contract cleaning service where I wear all the hats. Any suggestions?

    1. Not in relation to this high-level description of a part of the ecosquared entity, sorry. There are groups like this in the real world — I mention Lloyd in the article above who runs one, but there’s no moneyflow to it. I engaged plenty of groups online who are very nice, well-meaning and all, but there’s no money flow and it is tantamount to fireside chat. The thing described above hasn’t happened yet because there haven’t been enough people to create the real-world results using the financial protocols MTTP and SEA.

      At some point, your services could be ’employed’ since places need to be cleaned, but you’d also contribute in more ways than being a ‘cleaning contractor’, which is the whole point of ecosquared — treating people as people, not job-titles or cogwheels.

      I’ve got two kids and a partner, and not enough money to get by myself. Practically, I can only offer you an invitation to approach a baby-product company, an invitation to be a first-draft reader of the book I am writing which fictionalises ecosquared, or a chat to map how your business might be run using ecosquared protocols — all of which would be useful to me, to be sure!

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