conversational invitation

Very simply, I’ve invited Joachim Stroh and John Kellden to separate hangouts using MTTP. We’ll record how the conversation goes, evaluate via SEA, and then put up the video. Viewers can then evaluate it again using SEA, and if they think it is valuable, they go ahead and invite one of us or anyone else to further conversations.

Not sure why I hadn’t noticed this earlier. It is such an obvious application, much easier than writing this fictional narrative book. It is a way to start moneyflow at the conversational level. Must have been primed by John’s curated ‘epic’ hangout the other day. So simple.

The idea came up between me and Ian Merrifield on a well-meaning commentary on a post on facebook, about a whale, loneliness and the state of the world. Of course, he’s a tango man, so genuinely I must say the idea appeared between us. I’ve also invited him to a conversation, and we will see what additional value arises between us.

Whatever the result may be, it is a good start.



  1. Much appreciated. Realised I missed your session on Purple Beach…but it was good to bump into you.

  2. It was good to see you too. It’s a pity we didn’t make the most of that event we tried last year, I didn’t produce the goods, and I was and still am focussing directly on the ecosquared protocols. How is your studio going? And what did you think of purple beach? Perhaps we should talk sometime?

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