Instead of writing notes for future press releases etc, and storing them in an archive to be retrieved when required, this series of posts are time-stamped for a future release date.

purpose of future-posts

I can view material that I have set ahead, and publish them ‘early’. It is like scanning a shelf of books, and pulling out the one which is relevant to read now.

People will access the material at some point. Each post will open itself at some point, each book will take itself off the shelf and open itself for the general public.

This is an example of how ecosquared project time line will work. There is no abstract ‘archive’. There are things that have been done, and there are things to be done, everything with a temporal reference. In this way, there is a default future.


There is an issue about when to locate a post in time. When is this one, for example?

The year 2020 is temporally analogous to past-future.

  • all future-posts will be dated within 2020; any dates outwith this are future-release posts and must be carefully considered and reviewed because they outline the actual future-projected timeline of ecosquared according to David Pinto
  • iterative cycle: first iteration of future-posts will be dated for january 2020; subsequent iterations monthly
  • the day within january 2020 indicates the year; a post for 2024 will be posted within January 24th 2020
  • the hour within the post indicates the day of the month; 5am means the 5th day of the month
  • may change hour and minutes to indicate something else, like importance, or completion

potential posts

  • i am from the future
  • welcome to 2020
  • future-release projected timeline
  • interface series
  • i am the solution

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