a lot to do

Having been here in Aberdeen for a week, I am as if under water, inundated with the amount of material of ecosquared I must assimilate and detail for coders and designers. Sleeping patterns have been disturbed. Mindflow at the start of the week, some beautiful insights. Yesterday it was the clarity sparked by Matt talking about a big company which had replaced the weight of annual reviews for an app that persistantly asked every single employee three times a day whether they should continue or change something. The relevance of this to Ecosquared Projects was startling. So simple. So, so, simple. Exactly what I want, and I used to think. But right now, I am inundated with detail, submerged, holding my breath.

This morning I woke many times, to the point where I was conscious in my dreams. My brother, I am sorry to say, I wished upon him my eczema, literally on his body, his face. I realised it was a dream, and then asked him to report back to his own conscious mind that he needs to change his mind. The version of him in my mind said with anguish that it had tried, and failed. I insisted that it try again, after all, never had it been given support from another mind in this kind of way.

As I woke and fell back to sleep, I related this to the myths around witch-doctors, and other kinds of spiritual activity, spirit flying etc, things I have always kept at a distant from my cool intellect. To actively, consciously engage the mental version of my brother, in my own mind, with the intent of it influencing my independently bodied borther, was a twist of psychology I have never experienced — not from this side of it at least.

As for the web-app, Credits came to mind. We can call our internal system of account, Credits, or Credamus, ‘we believe’. It is an article of faith.

That if I ever do a presentation, on a stage, it will be as an old man, tired, close to death. Even if we present the future ahead, it is a place I can not go. I am the gatekeeper, opening up the door, and presenting a future which others, younger, may take — may make.

Regarding timeline, having a central NOW line within the present context. Above are offers and notifications, below are people. We can decide what default setting is for red user, then green.

Was thinking about qualification of user, different levels. Perhaps not have colour, because of Jim’s mention, but stars. And when a user does anything, it gives them a star. Once certain stars are done, level is unlocked. And of course, user can ‘buy’ the level.

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