experiencing gift receiving

I have only had limited exposure to gifting, and at first I enjoyed it — receiving a gift is wonderful, after all. And then one my of coders started to gift me articles about Bitcoin. One led to another, to another, and pretty soon I was looking at a handful of gifts all centred around Bitcoin. I didn’t want to spend my time looking at them. A predicament.

disposable culture versus conscious decision

With FB or Twitter, one can glance through one’s ‘feed’ and only if it is interesting, does one click and examine it. It is opportunistic, more or less. Whereas, with Ecosquared, the gift has been directed at me, it is in my inbox and won’t leave until it is revoked by the gifter, or I accept it. I am forced to make a digital decision. At least, that’s what it feels like to me now.

inbox filtering solution

I am the kind of guy that likes an empty inbox in my email. I filter a lot of stuff I am not interested in, so I never even see it. Is this a possible solution to deal with gifts? Anything with a certain topic, or from specific people, I can filter, and I check them more rarely?

money fatigue

Having to choose financial amounts for gifts is a little wearing too. I gift £1 because I know I shall be gifted £1. It doesn’t mean much. Money starts to lose meaning, in a way. I wonder if this is what happens to rich people? When £10 doesn’t mean much to them at all?

So, do I become more selective in what I gift? Especially when gifting to people I know?

Or can I simply generically gift things without directing them at people? I just gift them into a project space with some money for other people to pick them up if they so desire? Like a library? The BTC library, for example? Tag them.

meta analysis of values shared with others

It would be interesting to see if there are correlations in our evaluation of things, articles, etc. I can see a potential service which compares my values to another person’s, and shows me how much match there is, or mismatch. There could be general match and one or two critical mismatches. That is interesting.

To have this pool of valued items, we need to have a way of distributing them. Hence the Gift Mechanism. But it is quite intense. The softer approach of FB, or other social media, is sporadic, light, random even. Ecosquared could provide high scoring articles, by people who have similar tastes to us. That’s what FB does, I am guessing. But FB serves me this material, like feed for a cow. Whereas, the Gift Mechanism is more deliberate. To enable this kind of ‘feed’ like quality, or suggestions of high valued items… how is that done?

active versus passive gifting

I guess, if I could tag the material I see, then when other people see my timeline and sort by these tags, they will see my ‘recommendations’. If I value an article on BTC as 10, or rather an expert does, then I shall review that article, perhaps. With the current system, I would have to request it.

Which means, that one’s own past timeline is a ‘project’ in a way. Can we tie money to these things like we tie them to project spaces?

So, we gift money with offers to people directly; we gift money to originators directly; we can gift money to a collective of people. This last — can it be done in the ‘ecosquared’ space, that is the biggest space possible? And multiple people gifting money, thus aggregating around that product, which is released when people request it? I can imagine computer systems automatically requesting everything that is available, and thus draining the money from these ‘public’ offers.

What I am attempting to explore here is the difference between active gifting to targeted people, and more passive exploration by looking at a person’s past stream. The passive exploration has to be as easy as gifting. Yes, the viewing might be easy currently, but what about getting the gift? Right now, it would be requesting, waiting for user to respond and gift. And if it is done automatically, then money could be sucked from a person.

If money is directed to the originator…. perhaps this amount could be redirected through people who request it? So if I give £3 to the originator — or do it through a delayed payment, i.e. escrow, i.e. invite, then during this time, others may request it — but it must be directed to the originator as a gift. This could enable a ‘passive’ kind of gifting.

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