global purpose


A new economics emerges from pure p2p financial protocols for networks, an instant economic.

As originally conceived in 2012, the eco^2 entity is not a company or a bank or a shop or a pension scheme, and yet it performs the same transactional functions through a single self-similar social contract, while inducing a culture shift from money-making to value-creation. The environment within the entity is purely peer-to-peer, affording a collaborative commons, and all money derived from value creation is equally distributed through a system of weighted subjective enumeration. A real-world, trusted and embodied network reveals a set of social solutions which lie beyond the reach of traditional, bounded organisations like companies, charities and government bodies. Precise open-space technologies such as non-directed meetings and action cycles provide the depth and speed to complement traditional organisational mechanisms, and constitute a shift in business methodology from information and knowledge to not-knowing and wisdom. Individual practice directly influences the health of the entire collective eco^2 entity, inviting and attracting exponential growth based on genuine and mutual experience.


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