The basic social contract of eco^2 is essentially simple, yet it provides a rich ecosystem of complexity, as varied and as surprising as our current economic situation which has evolved over thousands of years. As an economy not based on transaction or exchange, eco^2 will necessarily help us evolve completely new social forms, or social organs.

The evolution of eco^2 fall into four overlapping categories. Financial protocols build on mttp and dmp, with invitational-protocol, subjective-enumeration-algorithm, and 30% eco-time. Social ligaments are self-organising processes which are adopted by individuals in order to improve social fluidity, such as social traffic lights, action cycles, open groups, recorded pre-gatherings. Physical mechanisms deal with the infrastructure required to enable eco^2, exemplified by the confluence model, tracking money, and social business hubs. And mindful practices prevent our thinking falling into old patterns, contemplating the four illusions of money, the wisdom located in the space between us, and the subjective side of mathematics.

These four categories — financial protocols, social ligaments, physical mechanisms, and mindful practices — can be found in the drop-down menu of the specifications tab.