XQ the subjective side of math

XQ is the exploration of maths in terms of the subjective world. It is the other side of mathematics, the human side. XQ establishes mathematics as a minimal language. XQ reflects mathematics as the model of the mind: mathematics is the territory. The implications are quite, quite breath-taking. Could XQ contribute a missing link to [...]

wisdom located in the space between us

Let us simplify things. Let us say that buddhism is radical subjectivism and science is radical objectivism, occupying the two extremes of the psycho-social continuum. In between these two extremes, are the rest of us, with our jobs and families and politics and shops and football and coffee and whatever else we dream and do. [...]

four delusions of money

The “money-can-be-saved” delusion. The notion of saving money in a bank is absurd, although it is a particularly resilient illusion. The “we-pay-for-things” delusion. We are trapped in the delusion, we are imprisoned by our work. The “let’s-make-some-money” delusion. But of course, the only people who make money are banks, ratified by governments or kings. It is a [...]