social business hubs

eco^2 is a real world network. Virtual tools to track financial relationships, or to assist in large scale projects are outlined below. What is important, however, is the primacy of in-person engagement. Which means, we must be concerned about where and when and how we meet. Office space has persisted beyond their sell-by-date. Co-working spaces [...]

tracking money

Because eco^2 is an unbounded non-group, there is no place for money. Money is held in individual and relative accounts between individuals. The structure of the eco^2 entity is a snapshot of concurrent, live, mttp contracts. There is no “pot” of money, no “capital”, but a specific network of money held between individuals as guarantees, [...]

confluence model

The Confluence Model is a social utility defined by a minimal set of simultaneous systems which enables people to collaborate in a non-managed way. It runs on three simultaneous systems: the intentions system, the coupling system and the conditions system. There is a fourth system which runs in the real world in the mind of the [...]