Starting the Ecosquared Programme

I am going to record my learning experience with the tool, in order to outline the methodology of use.

Let’s start with how to use the tool in terms of sharing, and explain how flexibility and responsiveness lead to us living a free calendar.


Currently most people are ‘busy’, and reports indicate that most of the business is bureaucratic. Although sci-fi in the 50’s depicted life in the future to be easy, carefree, liberated from the drudgery of household work by robots, looks like we are tied into a digital Dickensian dystopia where most of us spend hours in front of computers. The internet exponentially expanded bureaucracy, and hasn’t replaced it.

Ecosquared implies a different lifestyle. That we are not busy. That we are in fact open to opportunity every day. Not ‘sales opportunity’. But genuinely responsive to actual real events.

In order for us to cultivate this, I’m suggesting we embody a practice of responsiveness to one another through the app — from the beginning. Be the change you want to see in the world. So, if each of us responds quickly (accept & open, value & share) a few nice social results will emerge:

  • less ‘backlog’ of stuff we need to deal with ‘sometime’…
  • our little bit of pull starts to replace the intrusive push of marketing and advertising
  • replace ‘buying and selling’ with ‘sharing financially’
  • it doesn’t have to be the person you share with — revoke and think of someone else who is currently free; this means we rely on a wider social network
  • feels good too

I’ll follow this with a few others as learnings arise. Do get in touch if you are interested in participating. We’ll summarise a ‘programme’ when we achieve a working, validated, model of use!

If you are reading this outwith the platform, then request an invite!