test the level of your economic confusion

Leigh and I was having a conversation. It’s rather long, but in the middle of it, this observation came up. Consider it now.

Are you reluctant about paying your electricity, water, or gas bill? Why?

We tend to look for the cheapest price for these services. It is not a quality product, like a restaurant meal, where we pay for the flavour that pleases us. It makes sense to pay as little as possible for this basic commodity.

And this is encouraged by companies, who compete for the supply of electricity and gas into our homes. Water companies compete for the local government contracts, attempting to reduce the costs and increase the quality of service.

Apparently this makes sense. And when I consider this, it does make sense. However…

Leigh’s grandmother ¬†used a kettle on an open fire, in her home

Wait! What? Only a couple of generations back, Leigh’s grandmother had an open fire where they would do their cooking. Stoves were an innovation. Aga’s were the business. Only recently have we had gas pumped into our houses.

Consider. No hot water coming out of taps. In many houses, no cold water. Certainly no electricity.

This is the state that the majority of people on the planet are living in. It is remarkable. No wonder people from beautiful parts of the world wish to live in our country, because the standard of living is huge, materially. And it is pervasive. The poorest amoungst us have a roof over our heads, and cold and hot water. This is — incredible!

To have such luxury, such privilege… This is a scarcity situation, this is abundance.

The mental shift

Surely, I should be happy about paying for these incredible services? Surely I should be thankful when I receive a bill?

Why on earth am I reluctant about paying for this? The incredible infrastructure previous generations built into the ground, and continue to service. This is a modern miracle! I should be celebrating every single day when water comes out of a tap! The most precious resource to life — is on tap!

The real world

It is a mistake for companies to push their competitive game upon us, the users, consumers, receivers. It is the wrong game for something as vital as the water and energy. It does not encourage a thankful, grateful attitude.

This economic madness that has turned the western mind insane, completely separated people from the natural world, the universe of energy.

By hacking money at the root level, as with ecosquared protocols specifically MTTP, and replacing money with subjective enumeration, as in SEA, we generate a social system of account that puts us in touch with our natural attitude, bringing a spiritual quality to our engagement, even across such vast and incredible networks that are our energy supply infrastructures.