tracking money

Because eco^2 is an unbounded non-group, there is no place for money. Money is held in individual and relative accounts between individuals. The structure of the eco^2 entity is a snapshot of concurrent, live, mttp contracts. There is no “pot” of money, no “capital”, but a specific network of money held between individuals as guarantees, and flowing between individuals to honour mttp contracts. Because of the discrete quanta of mttp, the overal structure of eco^2 is as dynamic as a cyclone with no money at its centre or aggregating at the “top”, as we find in current economic objects like companies or governments.

A system to track the mttp contracts, both fixed and fluid money, is essential as eco^2 scales up. The tracking of subjective enumeration using a variation of the google page rank is essential for the qualitative distribution of surplus. And integration of the lower scales of mttp into social media platforms, so that the g+1 or fb “like” means +1p/10p/£1, is a midterm objective.

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